Friday, December 28, 2007

Computers and OSes

I'm obsessed with obtaining the perfect setup for my home computers. I find that I want four operating systems:

* OS X - daily use, laptops, and for Erinne
* FreeBSD - zfs fileserver
* Windows - gaming
* Linux - coding, work

I find that FreeBSD is not a good substitute for Linux. GHC does not work well on it (ghci can't run), and multimedia applications are not well supported. I am currently without a Linux box. I have recently tried out Arch Linux in a Parallels virtual machine and loved it. I'm struggling to survive without Linux :).

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  1. Philip Weaver Hi-
    When you were younger-Did you ever reside in Dolphin Square-London?
    If not sorry to have bothered you.
    Found your site very interesting.
    Raymond John Lawrence