Sunday, April 19, 2009


I was on the way back from a business trip the other day, and wanted to get some dinner at the airport. Sometimes I get a craving for a hamburger, and since Erinne and I never eat beef at home, I took the opportunity to get some while I could.

I need to learn from my mistakes. Out of the handful of times that I have had hamburger over the last couple of years, a majority of those times have resulted in me having an upset stomach. Steak and other beef seem to be ok, but hamburger is usually a problem.

So, those two Whoppper Juniors exited from my body even more violently than when I scarfed them down earlier that day.

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  1. Wow. I wish I hadn't read that last sentence.

    I am with you on this! Though it's less of an upset stomach and more of an acid reflux issue. I'm eating mostly chicken, and I'm lowering my meat portion size. The red stuff causes problems and is just less appetizing recently.