Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama Proposes High-Speed Rail System For the US

I stumbled on this Slashdot article a few minutes ago.

We do not own a car and we take a lot of public transportation, so we very enthusiastically support this idea.


  1. If other countries do it, we certainly should be able to. There is a lot of potential for innovative use of rail travel. When I was in Minneapolis for Eli and Ali's wedding, I rode the train from one end of Minneapolis to the other. I was reminded that this was a brainchild of former governor Jesse Ventura, who had this vision and pushed it through. His idea was that the tracks were there already, so why not use them?

  2. Actually, it seems that the tracks already laid in the US are not capable of carrying high speed trains. The one and only article that I've read on it claims that this would be Obama's most economically polarizing moves since only the wealthy would be able to afford it.