Monday, September 07, 2009

The School Speech

Conservatives (ok, just the ignorant ones) are going ape-shit over Obama's speech that he will give to schools across the nation tomorrow.

Check out the woman in this video.

Holding back tears, the mother says, "Thinking about my kids... in school, having to listen to that just really upsets me." When asked what she is concerned the President might talk about, she pauses for a few seconds and says, "Socialism. Indoctrinating my kids with what he believes."

You can't see it in the video, but during that pause before she answers, in her head the woman is going "derrr, doot doot doot I have no idea", and then like a parrot she just repeats what others have been spouting.

Fortunately, every concerned citizen with Internet access can view the exact and entire content of the speech at Read it. Read it and show me the part where he attempts to indoctrinate kids into his socialist agenda.


  1. whateva ur just an obama-bot. NOBAMA SOCIALISM

  2. Where were they when Bush was indoctrinating us all with his war-mongering agenda? Oh wait - war is patriotic! Unlike socialism, which you know, doesn't kill people.

  3. These are the same kind of people who shouted down a disabled woman who was trying to talk at a health care town hall meeting. They seem incapable of thought, just hate.

  4. On Bill Maher's Real Time, Richard Clarke talked about how when he was seven years old, he toasted his milk to cartoon songs praising Eisenhower, and nobody thought twice of it...