Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video Game Nostalgia

I had Thunder Force III on Sega Genesis when I was a kid. I tried over and over to beat it, then I watched a friend beat it, and after that it was easy. The greatest part about this game is the ending. Hilarious.

In a flash the planet of ORN
disappeared completely.

ORN could no longer control
the huge amount of energy
that had accumulated
after he lost his owner.

The Emperor ORN
had been disturbing
the Union of the Milky Way
for a long time.
What was his true character?
It was a huge bio-computer which
had been made in the beginning
of the space age.

Besides,his computer brain was
developing extraordinary,and he began
to have his own will.

He denied the existence of human
beings and finally he exercised
a program to kill
the whole human race.
It was evidently human beings
who had given him this idea.
Therefore human beings should
think of the meaning deeply.

Anyway the war was over.

And a peaceful time came soon.
It might be for a short time.
Human beings,think about
what you have done.

After the important mission was
completed,STYX turned over
his airframe to the base
fellows waiting for them.
Jean and Sherry,you might aware of
the real meaning of
"true peace"


  1. I've been playing Shining Force II for Sega recently! A few weeks ago, the memories just hit me, and I realized that I never beat it and that it was time to throw down the gauntlet.

    I hope the ending is as awesome as this one is, but I strongly doubt it. Though "Evil Spirit" has been translated as "Evil Spilit", which is fun.

  2. One of the Dead or Alive games had a demo on Dreamcast in which a character who had amnesia would realize "Victory arouses me" after winning a fight.

  3. I remember that game too. I also remember us having trouble at so many places. I remember watching you get really far once or twice, but never getting that far myself. That must have been after a friend showed you.