Sunday, November 29, 2009

My new headphones

A friend shared via Google Reader Giving Experiences, Not Things, This Holiday Season.

I've wanted a nice pair of headphones for a long time, and decided they might as well be wireless, but was always overwhelmed trying to figure out what to get. Erinne's gift to me for Christmas is a pair of Motorola S805 headphones. Her real gift is the time and effort she spent finding me the ideal headphones at a very nice price.

They have all the controls you need for playing music and making calls. They have an invisible microphone. They work very well with my phone. They sound awesome. You can plug them in and use them in to any device as wired headphones without using the batteries.

They have a significant amount of static and hissing when I pair them with my Macbook Pro or with Erinne's Macbook, but they sound absolutely wonderful when I pair them with Erinne's G1. What's up with that?

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